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98% approvals
100% charge back guarantee

nSure predictive AI fraud detection is so accurate, that we only decline 2% of your sales, compared to the 20% industry average.

Digital goods with high resale value are at an increased risk of scalable fraud. enables you sell these goods just like any other product!

High Approval Rates’s machine models have the proven ability to deliver over 98% transaction approval rates with no manual review or delayed delivery, driving substantial revenue growth.

Chargeback guarantee

Confident in its specialized AI technology, and backed by AXA, one of the world’s leading insurance companies globally, offers a full chargeback guarantee.

Maximum Friction for Fraudsters’s advanced patent-pending technology actively discourages and deters fraudsters from making purchases on protected websites and apps.

Customer satisfaction’s advanced AI-based solution allows for the reduction of limitations and rules, thus removing friction during the purchasing process and enhancing customer satisfaction.
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