The Best Defense against Digital Gift-Card Fraud

Committed performance driving Revenues

As a result of’s accurate identification of fraudsters we are able to commit to the highest approval rates, considerably reducing the friction associated with digital gift card purchases, improve customer satisfaction, and thus, boost revenues.

Reduce the fraud pressure, Drive Fraudsters away’s AI allows it to identify fraudsters with complete certainty. Once that happens, nSure uses its proprietary tech to deter fraudsters by making sure trying to de-fraud a merchant protected by would cost them.

Built to protect against gift card fraud

Instead of treating all e-commerce transactions alike, specializes. Our algorithm receives and uses relevant data specific to gift card purchase behaviour. We understand the business of gift cards and the threats it faces, unlike any other provider.

Use the most advanced, patented technology examines 350 different types of data (“features”) in its hunt for fraudsters. Much of this data is also behavioral, looking at specific consumers’ behavior throughout the purchase session, and across sessions, making it even more accurate in its identification of fraudsters than manual review.

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No friction for Legitimate Customers,
Maximum Friction for Fraudsters

WHY NSURE.AI possesses numerous advantages that distinguish it from the competition. These advantages are either unique in the industry or a major qualitative step beyond the competition.

Retailers selling digital gift cards increase friction to prevent fraud (captcha, SMS verification). One out of 4 transactions is declined making it Impossible for digital gift cards to thrive. achieves 99% approval rates allowing retailers to grow their programs. is a tailored solution for digital gift-card fraud, giving it better data, a better grasp of clients’ needs and fraudsters methods as well as more relevant data in greater quantity. alone is backed by AXA, a global insurance leader. Global retailers and marketplaces have expressed insurance backing as an essential criterion for any chargeback guarantee service.