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nSure predictive AI fraud detection is so accurate, that we only decline 2% of your sales, compared to the 20% industry average.

Digital goods with high resale value are attractive targets for scalable fraud. lets you sell high-risk products like any others by confidently rejecting just the real fraud.Guaranteed.

98% Approval Rates machine learning is so accurate that it instantly detects real fraud so your business doesn’t have to reject legitimate sales.  

Chargeback Guarantee

We are so confident in ourAI-predictive fraud detection that we guarantee all approved sales, backed by world leading AXA insurance.

Maximum Friction for Fraudster is the only digital goods fraud detection technology that deters fraudsters employing offensive measures, so they never come back.

Customer Satisfaction advanced AI-based fraud detection eliminates the need for general rejection rules so you don’t have to reject legitimate customers at point of sale. Instead they enjoy a frictionless purchase experience.
Protect your business without rejecting safe transactions.
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